From direct-diode to DPSS laser technologies, we offer a variety of products that cover the most important applications both in the industrial and in the aesthetical-medical laser markets.


Different regimes of operation (CW and Pulsed), power ranges (from few Watts up to multi-KW) and wavelengths ranges (from the visible to near IR) are exploited to effectively assess the application of interest.


Customization is the other key feature of Lyocon: design and development capabilities of custom lasers and related systems and an extended experience in laser applications and integration are the result...

Latest news & highlights

IRYS, the first BLUE Laser Galvo Marking System


Have you ever thought that the recent BLUE laser technology could be implemented in a Galvo Marking System? Discover the first BLUE 450nm Galvo Marking System: IRYS series (6W and 11W), an extremely compact, very low cost, easy-to-integrate BLUE laser engraving system.

BLUE Soldering Technology


Discover the soldering capabilities of our IRYS 11W and Zephyrus systems, as PCB components soldering and wire soldering in power electronics applications.

High-Power BLUE Technology


Discover our high-power blue laser technology, the new frontier in high-reflective-material processing and very high-speed textile processing applications (cutting, marking and labelling of natural and synthetic fabrics).