The unique Liquid Fiber Optic technology for Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is currently the safest, fastest and long-lasting hair removal technology. It’s clinically demonstrated that the melanin of the hair follicle selectively absorbs light energy at particular wavelengths, and the thermal effect produced destroys the hair follicle itself, thus preventing hair growth and not affecting the skin tissues.

Our patented technology of Liquid Fiber Optic delivery allows generating a perfectly uniform energy distribution onto the skin with almost no divergence, for better penetration down to the follicle area and so a more efficient epilation effect.

As standard models, Lyocon’s hair removal module can implement sources with either a long-pulse (high energy) or a short-pulse (high peak power) operation and up to 3 different wavelengths (760nm – 808nm – 1064nm, single or mixed) to match the absorption of the follicle area of most of the existing skin phototypes.

The Liquid Fiber Optic technology enables the use of a light, ergonomic and drop test proof handpiece, ensuring an easy and safe handling by the operator.