Discover our innovative laser solutions for medical treatments

Periimplantitis, Periodontics, Endodontics

Our Nd:YAG pulsed DPSSL system represents an innovative new approach to laser dental therapy. Already clinically validated by important players in the dental field, the innovative E·PEAK Technology is the ideal solution for Periodontics, Endodontics, Bleaching, Surgery and is especially advantageous for treatment of Periimplantitis.

Thanks to the peculiar high peak power / high energy nanosecond pulse bursts, delivered at the advantageous well-known 1064nm wavelength, the laser beam overcomes the application threshold with a reduced thermal waste and reduced pain, for an overall faster treatment.

This small footprint desktop system, with its air-cooled technology, easily and effectively replaces old and bulky flashlamp pumped lasers.

Bleaching, Dental surgery, Physiotherapy, Veterinary

In all laser medical treatments, the wavelength employed is the key-role parameter of the application and its correct choice depends on the absorption of particular tissues under treatment. With our technology of fiber-coupling of multi-wavelength diode lasers, one can effectively assess most of surgery and therapy applications.

BLUE 450nm laser light, thanks to its absorption by the very first tissue layers, is the new frontier for non-invasive dental surgery of soft tissue without bleeding and has several decontamination effects, thus being ideal for bleaching and dental hygiene.

IR (808-980-1064nm) and RED (640nm) laser lights, which are absorbed by deeper tissue layers, have their primary applications in dental surgery and bio-stimulation effects of particular light-sensitive molecules, as well as applications in physiotherapy and pain-relief treatments.

ACNE and skin defects Treatment

Our BLUE 450nm fiber-coupled laser technology is being successfully employed for ACNE and skin defects treatments.

Results from clinical studies already demonstrate the effectiveness of this type of laser light in dermatological applications, being strongly absorbed by the very first skin layers and thus being able to remove skin defects with much lower power densities than longer wavelengths (traditional RED and NIR wavelengths). Also, BLUE 450nm radiation represents a non-invasive technique compared to traditional non-laser pharmacological treatments.

Our patented technology of Liquid Fiber Optic delivery, together with light and ergonomic handpieces, allows generating uniform light distribution onto the skin, for more effective treatment of the area under application and ease of handling by the operator.