The first BLUE Laser for GALVO and PLOTTER Marking System


BLUE 450nm Processing Technology

With up to 20X relative absorption compared to standard IR wavelengths, the BLUE 450nm laser radiation is the latest technology for material processing. Its effectiveness is outstanding on organic and plastic materials, as well as on highly-reflective-metals, opening up new incredible scenarios among different markets.

Lyocon is proud to be the world’s first company presenting an industrial-grade and reliable solution that exploits the BLUE direct diode technology to implement a full laser marking system, both in a Scanning Head (Galvo) and Plotter system, without the need of optical power passing through fibers and special collimating/focusing optics.

IRYS Series laser systems (IRYS 6W and 11W) can easily replace CO2 lasers in most of applications: much less power is required for the same processing, resulting in much reduced size and cost, with the further advantage of no consumables and a longer lifetime. Extreme compactness, very high processing speed, very low cost and ease of integration are the topic features of this incredible new engraving system!

Ideal Processing Applications

From direct processing of organic materials as textile, leather and wood decorating and cutting, with an exploit in natural branding (food marking traceability), to labelling and security marking for consumer packaging and pharma (both plastics and paper materials) up to metal engraving and ablation (as labeling on PCB boards), IRYS Series laser systems are able to surprise all the experts in the laser marking field.

Lyocon never stops introducing technological improvements and is always investigating new solutions for power-scaling-up of its laser systems. With IRYS 11W, the latest BLUE Scanning Head laser system, even more applications are now covered: from very high-speed traceability marking (as industrial pallets labelling) to extremely precise – variable geometries soldering of PCB components and wire soldering on power electronics components. Thanks to the exponential absorption of BLUE radiation by materials, less than half the power means more than double processing speed (compared to 6W model).


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Main Applications

food branding
labeling & traceability
metal & plastic
textile decorating
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