From marking and engraving to plastic welding and organic materials processing, lasers are easing and speeding lots of industrial processes with outstanding performances in precision and quality. We offer and investigate a variety of solutions to assess the typical industrial applications employing different laser technologies, power and wavelength ranges.

IR Laser Processing

Medical - Aesthetic

Hair removal, pain relief therapy, skin defects correction and dental treatments are only ones of the most important fields of application of lasers in the aesthetical and medical market. Medium to high energy solutions are needed for these applications and both direct-diode and DPSS technologies are exploited. Together with a patented technology of high power delivering, we offer very reliable solutions for the main aesthetical and medical applications.

Hair Removal

Dental Surgery and Periimplantitis treatment

Skin/vascular treatment and Physiotherapy

Blue family

The latest technology for material processing, the BLUE 450nm laser radiation enables up to 10x performance efficiency compared to the standard IR wavelengths. With power ranging from 5W to 30W and either Galvo Scan Head or Plotter integration, our laser sources are ideal for labeling/marking, processing of natural and synthetic fabrics and soldering of PCB components. Very small size, high reliability and ease of integration make them a valid substitute to CO2 laser for most applications.


Laser marking

Lyocon offers a variety of solutions for laser marking applications. With our BLUE and IR laser families one has a wide range of possibilities in terms of power and wavelength to achieve high-quality, industrial-grade marking results on the needed materials: from plastics to metals, passying by orgnaic materials, one can always find the perfect system to assess the application with the minimum processing time and energy consumption.

Infrared lasers

Blue lasers

Liquid Fiber Coupled Systems

Our patented technology of Liquid Fiber Optic delivery is the most cost-effective technology for direct coupling of multi-kW diode laser into a compact system. The technology enables to create a Flat Top beam profile, ensuring a very homogeneous intensity distribution in the focus spot, leading to an optimal process control both in industrial and aesthetic/medical applications.

Hair removal

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