Blue marking

The first BLUE Laser Galvo Marking System, ideal for labelling and security marking for packaging and pharma, textile marking and cutting, direct marking on organic materials, as well as metal ablation.

Blue welding

Thanks to the strong absorption of BLUE 450nm radiation by different kind of materials, welding of thin high-reflective material foils, as well as textile cutting and marking, are the ideal applications of our high-power BLUE laser.

Heat treatment & thermo-activation

Our patented technology of Liquid Fiber Optic delivery enables to create Flat Top beam profiles, leading to an optimal process control in industrial applications as plastic processing, metal hardening/softening and posing tape.


Hair removal

Our patented technology of Liquid Fiber Optic delivery has been successfully employed in the aesthetical market, allowing several benefits in the Hair Removal application compared to standard epilation techniques.

Dental-Surgery-Periimplantitis treatment

Lasers are increasingly being employed in various medical fields thanks to the beneficial effects of particular wavelengths. Dental treatments, pain relief therapy and skin defects correction are only few examples of application of lasers in the medical market.

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