Liquid Fiber coupled QCW Laser Diode for Hair Removal

The innovative Hair Removal Technology

Our patented technology of Liquid Fiber Optic delivery allows generating a perfectly uniform energy distribution onto the skin with almost no divergence, for better penetration down to the follicle area and so a more efficient epilation effect.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Fiber Optic delivery for easy handling, with light, ergonomic and drop test proof handpiece
  • Advantageous Flat Top beam profile
  • Visible aiming beam, showing the exact area treated by the laser
  • High current cables far from the operator’s hand as the diodes are inside the machine
  • The handpiece exit window is not in contact with the skin, thus avoiding gel and hair migration into the optics
  • Compatible with all diodes of the main worldwide suppliers

Technical Specifications

Wavelength760-808-1064nm single or mixed
Peak Powerup to 2500W
Pulse Widthup to 500ms
Aiming Beam as standard520nm GREEN
Optical Transmission Efficiencyup to 90%
Spot size1.5-2.0 cm2 Flat Top