The new frontier in high-reflective-material processing

Advantages of BLUE 450nm Technology

Thanks to the strong absorption of BLUE 450nm radiation by different kind of materials (up to 20x compared to IR wavelengths), our high-power BLUE lasers can access the high-reflective-material processing market with much lower power densities compared to state-of-the-art IR lasers, and so with longer lifetimes.

In the IR range, a high residual reflectivity of metals is present: most of the radiation is lost due to the poor absorption of typical materials involved, resulting in undesired reflections, poor efficiency, and long application time. BLUE radiation greatly overcomes this limit, being strongly absorbed by highly-reflective metals, as copper and silver, which are the principal elements of Tin-Silver-Copper (SAC) lead-free al-loys and of the PCB-pads substrate and coatings.

BLUE Laser Soldering and Processing

The improved performances compared to state-of-the-art IR lasers (reduction of application power and time and an overall improvment in process control), make 450nm radiation of great interest, especially for soldering applications.
Lyocon developed very compact and industry-reliable 450nm laser solutions that asses the most common soldering applications: from wire and paste soldering of THT and SMD components of different sizes and geometries on PCB boards, up to heavier applications in the power electronics market: discover our fixed-focusing-head solution, which covers all common soldering applications (Zephyrus), and our scanning-system solution, perfect for extremely variable soldering geometries (IRYS 11W).

Other applications of our high-power BLUE lasers include welding of thin copper wires, marking of thin high-reflective material foils (copper, aluminum), depaneling of PCB boards, as well as textile cutting and marking (natural and synthetic fabrics).


Discover our high-power BLUE lasers


Wire Soldering on PCB board

IMPROVED SOLDERING PERFORMANCE compared to IR laser sources:
  • + 40% absorption in pure Tin sample
  • – 50% power required to solder
  • – 60% time required to solder
    Reduced thermal stress on solder pad
    Reduced collateral damage due to reflected radiation
980nm laserZephyrus 450nm
Time3 sec.1.2 sec.

Depaneling of PCB boards

Welding of copper wires up to 0,25mm