Having followed several different laser applications in first hand, our team can offer support to customers requiring a skilled consultancy to develop their own laser system dedicated to their special applications. Our capabilities include the development of the electrical and optical interface between the laser source and the final system, or the development of sub-components up to full laser systems. Our state-of-the-art design capability of lasers, optics, mechanics and electronics is always supported by the use of specific simulation software and tools.

Customization is the other key feature of Lyocon: design and development capabilities of custom lasers and related systems and an extended experience in laser applications and integration are the result of a long-term experience in the laser market and of the cooperation with major companies. We build up time-localized consulting projects, as well as long-term partnerships with worldwide players in both the industrial and aesthetical-medical laser markets, joining also important European funding programs.

We have skills and experience in system certification in both industrial and medical fields and we support our customers with all the documentation required to certify their own machines.