NYR 2.0


NYR is a family of 1060-1090nm OEM laser sources for marking and engraving.
Based on DPSS or fiber technology, the product family covers a wide range of deliverable power, pulse energy and peak power, thus being ideal for the most various and demanding application needs.
NYR2.0 offers the high peak power and the compact, rugged design of the DPSS laser technology.
NYR30 and NYR55 offer the high energy and versatility of the fiber laser technology.

Feature & Benefits

  • 2-55W average power
  • 8-25kW peak power
  • 0.1-1mJ pulse energy
  • Very high beam quality
  • Sealed, air cooled
  • Small size – ease of integration

Applications & Markets

  • Metal marking
  • Plastic marking
  • Deep engraving
  • Material processing
  • Thin film removal
  • Identification & Traceability
  • Pharma
  • Packaging

NYR 30/100 laser head

Technical specifications

NYR 2.0NYR 30NYR 55NYR 100
Operational ModePulsedPulsedPulsedPulsed
Average Output Power2W30W55W100W
Peak Power25kW8.5kW8.5kW7.0kW
Pulse Width3ns50-200ns50-200ns50-200ns
Pulse Repetition Freq25kHz30-80kHz50-100kHz100-200kHz
Beam Quality<1.5<1.5<1.5<1.8
Aiming Beam available640nm RED640nm RED640nm RED640nm RED
Laser Head Size145x140x72mm350x96x53mm350x96x53mm350x96x53mm
IncludesMarker version:
Scanning head – 10mm aperture
F-theta lens-EFL160mm: working area 110x110mm
Driver+temperature controller
Marking software(basic license)

OEM version:
Driver+temperature controller
NYR 2.0
NYR 30/100

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