The first BLUE Laser Galvo Marking System

The latest laser marking technology

Thanks to the strong absorption of BLUE radiation by the materials, IRYS is ideal for textile marking and cutting, direct marking on organic materials (tissue, leather, food), labelling and security marking for packaging and pharma, as well as metal ablation.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Valid substitute to CO2 lasers: much less power required for same processing
  • Sharp trace, symmetrized spot shape
  • Extremely compact size & very low cost
  • Ease of integration
  • Very high processing speed
  • No consumables
  • Long lifetime

Technical specifications

TechnologyDirect Diode
Wavelength450nm BLUE
Output Power6W
Operational ModeCW
Marking Area140x140mm2
Aiming Beam available640nm RED
Rack Dimensions210x155x130mm3
Laser Module dimensions85x50x36mm3
Aiming Beam module dimensions42x50x36mm3
IncludesOEM Blue laser head
Power supply unit
Control Board and Marking Software
Scan Head with F-theta Lens