Irys 10W lateral view


Thanks to the strong absorption of BLUE radiation by the materials, IRYS series laser systems are ideal for dynamic soldering of pcb components with arbitrary shape, precision treaceability marking on pcb boards, cardboard / paper / wood / leather marking, decorating & cutting, direct marking on organic materials (eco-marking), labelling and security marking for packaging and pharma, as well as thin coating ablation / marking.

Go further with the new IRYS 10W: new applications now covered, as very high-speed traceability marking (industrial pallets labelling) and extremely precise – variable geometries soldering of PCB components. Less than half the power, more than double processing speed! (compared to 6W model)

Advantages & Benefits

  • Valid substitute to CO2 lasers: much less power required for same processing
  • Sharp trace, symmetrized spot shape
  • Extremely compact size & very low cost
  • Ease of integration
  • Very high processing speed
  • No consumables
  • Long lifetime

Irys 10W bottom view

Irys 10W vs CO2

Being the blue 450nm radiation strongly absorbed by many materials often processed with CO2 lasers, our IRYS 10W system can be a valid substitute to 10.6μm radiation where small volume occupancy and low consumption are key points. With its very high processing speed, IRYS 10W can be compared to a state-of-the-art 20/30W CO2 marking system, but with about one-tenth of volume occupancy, thus making integration incredibly simple and efficient.

Technical specifications

TechnologyDirect Diode Direct DiodeDirect Diode
Wavelength450nm BLUE450nm BLUE450nm BLUE
Output Power10W10W10W
Operational ModeCWCWCW
Marking Area120x120mm2
Aiming Beam (optional)640nm RED640nm RED640nm RED
Rack Dimensions266x174x43mm164x136x37mm164x136x37mm
Laser Module dimensions114x60x86mm114x60x86mm114x62x86mm
IncludesScanning head – 10mm aperture
F-theta lens-working area 120x120mm
Driver+temperature controller
Marking software(basic license)

Driver+temperature controllerDriver+temperature controller
Focusing Optics for PLOTTER version

Irys 10W OEMKR version

Irys 10W OEM version

Irys 10W PLOTTER version