Founded in 2014, Lyocon benefits from 15+ years experience in lasers and photonics to offer their expertise in designdevelopment and production of laser sources and systems.

Our mission is to manufacture laser systems or sub-assemblies for the industrial and the aesthetical-medical markets, as well as to work for laser companies needing specific developments and custom products.

Our expertise includes:

  • state-of-the-art design capability of lasers, optics, mechanics and electronics, supported by the use of specific simulation software and tools;
  • manufacturing of pre-series up to full series applied to the industrial and aesthetical-medical markets;
  • design and development of custom lasers and related systems and an extended experience in laser applications and integration, resulting from a long-term experience in the laser market and the cooperation with major companies.

Lyocon is equipped with a ISO 5 cleanroom for optical developments and production, other than a lab for electronic assembly and systems testing.