Liquid Fiber Coupled 400W CW diode laser

Liquid Fiber Optic coupling of High Power Diode lasers

Our patented technology allows generating a Flat Top beam profile, ensuring a very homogeneous intensity distribution in the focus spot, leading to an optimal process control in industrial applications as plastic processing, metal hardening/softening and posing tape.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Perfect Flat Top beam profile
  • Small Footprint system
  • Visible aiming beam, showing the exact area treated by the laser
  • Custom Spot Size and Shape available upon request

Technical specifications

Available wavelengths808-980nm
Output power400W CW
Spot size> 5mm (zoom 9-18mm as standard)
Aiming Beam as standard520nm GREEN
Optical Efficiency @ Processing Head Output> 87%
Rack dimensions400x400x200mm3